Why models make sure they use water treatment

Any may have questions about how tough it would be to retain their temperature in the hot tub. Some jucuzzi tubs have complex chemical directions and you are beginning to wonder if you need a chemistry degree just to find it all out!

ClearRay Water Purification

ClearRay UV-C technology neutralizes waterborne pathogens and reduces the quantity of sanitizer required to take care of clean, clear water. Similar technology is employed in water bottling plants, Hospitals & aquariums. ClearRay is that the latest and greatest in bathtub water care and it works without creating any, chemical, by-product or off gas. Meaningnothing harmful is being injected into your hot tubs water, making it bather-friendly, equipment friendly and odour free.

Micro Clean Filtration

At the guts of each 780, 880 & Select Series bathtub is that the Dynamic Flow™ Circulation pump, which moves up to 50,000 gallons of water per day through the patented MicroClean Filters.

MicroClean filters are constructed with high-spun polypropylene fibre (a similar material to popular beverage filters). The advantage of MicroClean is that the filters can absorb oils, lotions, sunscreen & tiny particles that a daily bathtub filter cannot. Sundance Spas patented MicroClean filter also means there's no got to use Spa Clarifiers, coagulants or the sponges that float around in hot tubs to soak up oil.

Water Care Products

The Sundance Spa Store has used its years of experience within the bathtub industry to carefully select a variety of products that make bathtub maintenance simple. The traditional floating puck dispenser is eliminated. No more heavily chemical water, no more strong odours & no more skin irritation. When filling your bathtub with water, add 60ml of Prevent II to stop stain & scale build up. Let your bathtub heat up for five hours then test your water with a test strip. Now that the water is balanced, you ought to add 30 grams (2 tbsp.) of Sun-Boom on to your water to sanitize. Your bathtub is now able to use!

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